S.C. Mexi Web Project S.R.L., based in Sofiei Street no. 32/C, Oradea, Bihor, ROMANIA, registered with the Trade Registry under no. J5 / 998/2012, C.I.F. RO30377305, phone 0040 770 105 793, (hereinafter referred to as “Mexi Steel” or the “Operator”), in order to provide the services of designing, manufacturing and assembling the light gauge metal structure, collects and processes the personal data in accordance with the legal provisions regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data. The role of this information is to explain how your personal data is used and the purpose in which it is used.

Please read this Notice carefully.

Categories of personal data that can be processed by the Mexi Steel in the activity of supplying products and services:

Personal identification data (name, surname, address, age, date of birth, gender, telephone, e-mail, PIN, nationality, location,). The data are necessary for the valid conclusion and execution of the contractual relationship with the Operator.
Financial personal details (bank account information, income, tax benefits or social benefits, tax liabilities, income from other sources). Data is required to analyze the request for a financial loan, in relation to financial capabilities.
Information on the location, image and audio-video recordings of individuals (video footage captured by surveillance cameras installed at Mexi Steel sites, IP address captured using websites and application of Mexi Steel website). Data is required to ensure security and protection at the Mexi Steel locations, to improve the services offered, to resolve complaints and any requests from customers and to ensure the technical functionalities of the online platforms used by the Operator).

The purpose of personal data being used

The operator collects and processes your personal data for the following purposes:
providing services for the design, production and assembly of light metal suprastructures for different types of buildings, both residential and industrial (offering and issuing official documents: invoices, notices, receipts, etc.);
obtaining service offers and building materials from our collaborators / partners to achieve the purpose of the contract;
marketing, for informing and granting loyalty benefits and for permanently improving the quality of the services and products offered (news, promotions, new products transmission);
internal reporting or to other entities of the group from which the Mexi Steel belongs;
performing statistical / actuarial analyzes;
solving the potential litigations brought before the courts (common or arbitral law, from the country or abroad);
solving complaints and requests from customers;
communications or reporting to government, governmental or governmental agencies, agencies or agencies;
providing the necessary security measures (audio-video surveillance);
debt collection.

Collecting and processing your data for the purposes mentioned above is based on:

Concluding and executing the contract for sale – purchase of a civil or industrial building, according to the final architectural project accepted by the client, as well as the execution of the procedures prior to the conclusion of the contract for this purpose;
a legal obligation on the Operator;
your consent;
the legitimate interest of the Operator in activities such as performing statistical / actuarial and internal reporting, or other entity entities within the Mexi Steel, verification of the integrity and compliance of the data subjects, ensuring the necessary security measures, etc.

Categories of recipients to whom personal data can be shared:

state authorities (including tax authorities, consumer and insurance authorities, authorities of the state competent in criminal matters) as a result of a legal obligation on the part of the Operator;
suppliers directly / indirectly involved in the sale / purchase process (eg. architects, designers, building materials suppliers, partners / collaborators agreed by the operator, IT service developers, etc);
marketing service providers, market research, customer satisfaction studies and other similar services;
other companies from the Mexi Steel (national and / or international) companies;
Judicial or arbitral tribunals, public notaries, lawyers, bailiffs, translation offices, other authorized services, valuation experts.
Transfer of personal data to a country outside the European Economic Area
MexiSteel.com may transfer personal data to other companies outside or within the Mexi Web Project, located outside the European Economic Area. For such transfers, the Operator took a series of measures to ensure an adequate level of protection for individuals, similar to that offered by European legislation. These measures also include the conclusion of standard contractual clauses approved at European level.

Storing personal data

Personal data will be processed at least for the duration of the sale-purchase contract, as well as subsequently for the duration of the contractual obligations by either party. Personal data will be stored for as long as is necessary for the purposes mentioned above or for the period of time prescribed by general legal provisions.

The rights you have with respect to your personal data

With regard to the processing of personal data under the conditions specified in the European Data Protection Regulation 679/2016, you may exercise any of the following rights:

Right of access to personal data
It allows you to obtain from us a confirmation that Mexi Steel processes or does not process personal data that looks at you and what data is processed.

Right to rectification
Assumes the right to request the rectification or update of inaccurate or incomplete personal data that concerns you, or complements them when they are incomplete.

The right to delete your data or the “right to be forgotten”
It assumes the right to request the deletion of personal data concerning you, in certain circumstances, as (i) personal data is no longer required for the purposes for which it was collected or processed, (ii) your data has been processed unlawfully, iii) data processing took place on the basis of your consent, and it was withdrawn.

The right to withdraw your consent
Consent can be withdrawn at any time when the processing of your personal data is done on the basis of your consent.

The right to restrict the data processing
Assume the right to request and obtain a restriction on the processing of personal data which, in certain circumstances, will concern you as (i) you contest the accuracy of the data, while allowing us to verify the accuracy of those data, (ii) your data have have been illegally processed and you are opposed to deleting them by requesting to restrict their use.

The right to data portability
Assumes the right to receive the personal data that concern you and that you have provided to us, with the right to transmit it to another operator, if (i) the data processing is either based on your consent or the contract concluded with us, and the processing of personal data was done by automatic means. This right may be exercised only to the extent that the processing of the data provided has been performed exclusively by automatic means and only where the extraction of such data is feasible in terms of the technical capabilities used by the Operator.

Right to opposition
It assumes that at any time you have the right to oppose, for reasons related to your particular situation, the processing of personal data in certain circumstances, as (i) processing was done in our legitimate interest, or (ii) processing is aimed at direct marketing, including the creation of profiles based on those provisions.
The right is not the subject of a decision based solely on the automatic processing of your data, including the creation of profiles that produce legal effects or that significantly affect you.
Assume you have the right to request human intervention from the Operator, to express your point of view and to challenge the decision.

The right to file a complaint with us and / or the competent authority on data protection
The right to appeal to justice

For the exercise of these rights, as well as for additional questions regarding this Notice or in connection with the use of the Personal Data by MexiSteel.com, please contact us by choosing any of the communication modalities described below, specifying your name, postal address or e-mail (depending on how you want to communicate), the phone number and the purpose of the request.

You can contact us:
by email – at: office@MexiSteel.com;
personally – at our working point, located at Razboieni Street no. 85, Oradea, Bihor, ROMANIA;
by a request sent by mail to: Sofiei Street no. 32/C, Oradea, Bihor, ROMANIA;
by phone – to the number: 0040 770 105 793.

Updating this Privacy Notice
This Notice on the processing of personal data is subject to periodic review. In order to be informed of any significant changes that may have an impact on the processing of your personal data, please consult the company website www.MexiSteel.com – the “GDPR” section.