Our multiple production lines (composed of 3 precise and fast cold forming machines) can produce light gauge steel profiles at different sizes with the following specifications: web 75-250mm, flange 45 and 51mm, lip 8-15mm, thickness 0.75-2.5mm. (Web notch and Chamfer cut can be applied for 75-100-140 / 150-190 / 200-240 / 250mm).

The following punching types are available for the roll forming machines:

  • Bolt hole Ø 13.5mm

  • Web double hole Ø 10mm

  • Service hole Ø 34.2mm

  • Lip cut 58mm

  • Chamfer cut

  • Flange double hole Ø 10mm (Dimple)

  • Web notch

  • Dimple hole Ø 5.1mm

  • Web dimple hole Ø 5.1mm

  • Down pipe hole Ø 115/165mm

  • Flange cut (work independent)

  • Swage (0.75-2.5mm thickness)

  • Web tab 

punching operations for the cold forming machine
light gauge steel profile punching specifications - outlined
light gauge steel profile cold forming products specifications outline
light steel profile production punching details
light steel profile production specifications and dimensions with swage and large service hole outlined
light steel profile production dimensions outlined with swage
light gauge steel profile production dimensions outlined with swage
light steel frame production punching details
light steel frame production punching specifications 3b
light steel frame production punching specifications 3c

You can choose from a wide range of quality C and U light gauge steel profiles for almost any kind of structures
 with custom placed flange and web holes at Ø 10-12mm

light gauge steel C profile production dimensions
light gauge steel U profile production dimensions
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We produce professional structures from high quality S 350 GD (Galvanized) structural steel, using a wide range of C and U profiles, from 90 to 300mm, which is an excellent choice for our customers from the EU. 
The profiles can be manufactured with holes for all kinds of metric screws, service holes, many type of cuts and more.
 Our structural engineering team is composed from 8 well prepared engineers, working as a well organized body. The whole production process is certified by European Certification authorities.

MEXI Steel Factory is a well known producer of Light Gauge Steel Frames for various types of building, such as one storey residential houses, duplex houses, 2 or more storey buildings, offices, large warehouses, attics, roofs and many more…

Partners in production

For the production of quality LGSF we use prime materials provided by VOESTALPINE, anchors by HILTI and screws by BÖLLHOFF.

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